About us

Upper Shore Community Development Partners is a nonprofit community development organization that is actively working towards a future where ALL residents, including Black and other people of color, have access to funding, training, mentorship, and other resources necessary to have affordable homeownership opportunities, stable employment, and successful small businesses and entrepreneurship ventures.

The Issue

The Upper Shore region of Maryland’s Eastern Shore is a rural area with limited resources available to address systemic issues of disparity. The region varies demographically with Queen Anne’s County influenced greatly by the connection to Anne Arundel County and Maryland’s urban core, Cecil having the most direct association with the I-95 corridor and the metro areas of Baltimore and Philadelphia, and Kent County quietly situated in-between with the least amount of access to resources. Whereas understanding the variations in disparities and formulating programs that may benefit the entire region will be a challenge, it is the USCDP’s goal to comprehensively collaborate and engage nonprofit agencies, government agencies, elected officials, and community residents to both expand existing programs to further advance equity and create new programs and initiatives to fill gaps that exist.